Monday Assembly - 1st June

Today in our assembly, we are thinking about "How to be brave?", and what it means to stand up for others in our community and world.

You might have seen lots in the news about how people of colour - Black, Asian, Latino and other Ethnic minorities - are still treated unequally and unfairly in our world today. Something we know isn't right, and want all our children to grow up knowing they each have a place, and the right and opportunity to become the best they can!

It's a big, hard topic to think about! So this assembly with Flic is to help us start thinking about making sure we notice this, and what we can do to stand up for one another's right to be treated equally - the same as one another, no matter what our differences. This takes courage and bravery from all of us.

What can you do this week to be brave, and stand up for something you believe in?

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