Message for Y6

Hello to you all!

I thought I would post something so that everyone knows where we are at right now.

We currently have 3 groups going on:

Bubble A : In school on alternate days with me

Bubble B : In school on the opposite days with Jane.

Home bubbles : children learning at home

Bubbles across the country are named as A and B - there is no particular reason for this. Children in our class were allocated to groups for purely practical reasons including keeping all the Key Worker children together in one bubble and trying to maintain an even split of boys and girls.

In terms of our topic, those coming into school are going back over Gallery Rebels and trying out some art activities related to the different styles of art we cover in our journey through art history.

If we were in school, our topic would have been I.D.

But because we are all in slightly different places at the moment, we will not be working on this immediately.

Those of you who are learning at home, I will be in touch as soon as I am able about how I can best help you continue with your learning.

Until then, between here and Bitesize and MyMaths and SumDog, you have plenty to keep you going.

Here are today's Bitesize activities:

Comparing Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Story Writing : Settings and Fronted Adverbials

Science : Life Cycles

Please e-mail me with any questions or with anything else that you need,


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