Maths: 23rd - 27th March

White Rose is an excellent maths resource that I use a lot in class. They are publishing weekly sets of maths lessons for all year groups and I have added links to their page on each year group blog.

Each week has 5 videos for you to watch together, 5 activities and 5 sets of answers. There is no need to rush through them, one a day is perfect. (Nursery and Reception have 3 for the week.)

I hope you find them useful. I haven't looked through every activity but there shouldn't be any need to print things out, unless you want to.

There is no magic answer to doing this distance learning thing well, we are all just figuring it out as we go. Please message your class rep or e-mail me if you have any feedback or suggestions. My email address is on the contacts page.

Take care and thank you for your support.


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