March 23rd Writing Task

A Pobble 365 writing task has been posted in each year group. This site uses a daily picture as a starting point for writing.

First of all, choose a picture that seems interesting to your child. There is a picture for every day but choose one that sparks some ideas. Remember to let your child choose the picture! If you have more than one child working on the task, perhaps they could take turns to choose, "We'll do this picture today and your choice of picture next time."

  • Start by looking carefully at the picture and talking about it together.

"What can you see?"

"I can see a fox with a big bushy tail hiding behind a tree."

  • What questions does this picture raise? eg,

Why might the child look so excited?

Who might the house belong to?

What might the crocodile be looking at?

(We can't know the answers to these questions, we are just imagining and noticing


  • What answers might there be to these questions?

This is 'inference' and is a key skill for reading so it is worth spending some time on.

"I can see a cake on the table so maybe it is her birthday and this is why she is


"The garden of the house looks really well cared for, I think the house belongs to an

older person with no children as there are no children's toys there. This person loves


For each answer, ask if there was a clue in the picture that made them think this. What

is the evidence?

  • Below the picture are more questions to talk about together, some sentence tasks and the opening of a story for children to continue.

  • Let children read their story to you once it is finished. Most children LOVE reading their work aloud at the end.

Stories are hard to write and may take a few days to complete. Once it is finished then they could:

  1. Draw a picture to go with it.

  2. Design the book cover for it

  3. Draw what each of the main characters look like.


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