Make your own instruments

Here are some ideas of instruments you can make at home. This will be really useful for you when you are joining in with your music lessons, if you don't have any instruments at home already.


You can use a bottle to scrape up and down the side to make the sound of a guiro. You can also use the side of a tin can

Use a TIN CAN to make a shaker/guiro/drum.

Click this link to find out how.


You could also fill them with pennies, buttons, beads, paper clips, gravel, etc. Anything you can shake to make a noise.



Want to play a tune?

Make a Water Xylophone. See what tunes you can play.


Watch the clip to find out how to make a kazoo.

Substitute greaseproof paper for wax paper.

You need to make a sound to make the kazoo work, don't just blow.

Hum or try out different sounds.

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