Lambeth Educational Psychology Service - phone calls for families

As part of the response to COVID-19, Lambeth EP Service are offering parents the opportunity to speak to an Educational Psychologist (EP) about their child during this time when nurseries and schools are closed.

Click here or on the picture below to fill in a short form and then an EP will call you.

NOTE: This service is only available to Lambeth residents or parents with children in Lambeth schools.

Educational Psychologists are professionals concerned with the development, learning and social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people. We are providing phone calls free of charge to Lambeth residents, to support parents with a joint problem-solving approach.

Issues you may wish to seek advice for include:

- Learning needs (e.g. how to help your child learn)

- Emotional difficulties (e.g. managing change, fears and worries, being away from friends/teachers)

- Managing routines/structures at home

- Resource seeking

- Signposting to appropriate services, if you are not sure who the best person to contact will be

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