Keep Calm through Corona

We all know it's a bit of a strange time at the moment, and we aren't too sure what the coming weeks will look like. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused us to react in different ways - confused, nervous, anxious, worried or stressed. If that's you - you're not alone!

We may also be concerned about self-isolating, and being lonely. On top of this we may also be worried about practical details such as how we will get food delivered, or have enough food for our family.

Every single one of these reactions is normal and perfectly understandable. But we really can support each other during this difficult time – even when we feel isolated. To help us find a sense of calm in the current chaos, here is a document that runs through some things you can do to help

you find a bit more calm - with the kids, or just by yourself when they are (finally) sleeping.

Routine will be SO important for not only your children, but you, during this time. Making sure that you care for your bodies with balanced meals and healthy options, as well as keeping physically active, will help de-stress. Connecting with others through social media and online channels will be important - but make sure you don't overload. Take some strict time away from all the information that is out there.

Keep talking to people, offering and sharing support with others - this will help give some perspective and encourage you too. All these things will help a challenging time become a bit easier.

Always feel free to give us a call to connect!

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