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Happy 1st of May everyone! I hope you are keeping well.

Here is a fun way to capture some of your memories from this strange and unusual time of lock down. Maybe you will just want to forget about it because it's been so tough, that is fine. But if you would like a creative project to help you remember what it was like, you could try out these ideas:

You could also add these ideas to your jar or box, using lots of colourful pens or pencils and your own designs:

*Design your own title to label your capsule.

*Describe your typical day in lock down.

*List or draw the things you are grateful


*Describe something new you tried or learnt.

*Explain what and who you miss the most.

You could even interview your parents. Here is a format you could use:

You could include information about your favourite things during the lock down, such as your favourite:




*things to do




*thing that happened

And finally, here are a few more ideas to make it bright and colourful and interesting for you and your family to read when you bring it out in years ahead.

Be creative! It will help you stay positive!


Resources credit: Big Life Journals.

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