Johanna TV : Episode 1 with Bess

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Welcome to Johanna TV!

I am sure you have been watching some TV in your time at home, I wonder if anyone has thought to themselves.... "I could do that!"

Well here is your chance with Johanna TV. Start building up your showreel now! (Producers and directors will want to see your showreel before giving you a job one day. It's like a CV on film.)

Making a brave start for Episode 1 is Bess with a Ramadan greeting and a fitness workout that we are all in need of! Thank you Bess!

If this is something you would like to try for yourself, film your content - 5 minutes maximum - then email me on and I'll give you a number to send it to or send it to your class rep to be forwarded to me. I can add the titles and link any clips together for you. (I have learnt how to do this while at home!) You just need to send the content.

You could:

Show how to do a craft activity

Demonstrate or teach some football skills

Sing / dance / perform

Lead a workout

Read a poem

Teach us some words in a different language

ANYTHING you like.

I would LOVE to see your videos. Lights.... camera..... action!


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