It starts today!! **Oasis Sumdog contest**

Year 1 to Year 6 it has been great to see that some of you have already logged into Sumdog and begun your training tasks. The children that I have spoken to have said how much fun the games have been so far.

It is important that for the duration of the contest you play the games that say 'Oasis contest' for your correct answers to count towards Oasis Johanna's final score.

We need 10 students from each class to participate for us to show up on the leader board.

Try and log in everyday and correctly answer as many questions as you can.

Remember the questions may start off easy to begin with. Then the Sumdog tool will set you questions at your level.

Let's help each other to do our best in this contest by taking part.

I look forward to seeing that you've participated.

Have fun!


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