Humility is useful!

Some of you are now back at school, and will find that it's a very different place to the one you left in March. Some of you will still be at home, and may be wondering why you can't go back to school as well. It's really hard not to feel upset, or cross, by this. That's why it''s more important than ever to practice all the habits we learn about at school. Being humble- this month's habit' will help you to accept these feelings and work out what to do with them.

Here are some tips that I've found useful while trying to practice being humble:


By always believing we need more, and not being satisfied with what we already have, we stop ourselves from seeing what we have already. When we ask ourselves, 'Why can't I have what they have?' or 'Why can't I have more than what I have already?' we don't stop to see all the good things around us!


Sometimes, it's hard to forgive someone or a situation that we don't feel is fair. BUT when we forgive, we become better learners, and become more patient with other too. We all learn at different paces after all!


In the process of being humble, it is important to appreciate yourself AND others.


On the journey to humility, it is important to be patient with yourself AND others. We have been living with all the changes to our lives for a few months now, and things are beginning to go back to normal. But it will take a long time, and we must be patient. The more patience we have, the more time we allow ourselves to appreciate what we have.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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