Healthy body, healthy mind!

We’ve all heard the phrase “healthy body, healthy mind”. But what does that actually look like? Have you ever woken up after a bad night’s sleep and consequently felt exhausted and easily irritable? That’s because your mind responds to the way your body feels, and vice versa. Your mind consists of your mental states, such as thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs. Therefore, how we treat our body, what we feed it, the amount of rest we give it, has a direct impact on our mental state.

Below are some tips on how to have a healthy body and a healthy mind:

· Live Healthy - eat healthy foods, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. When you feel stressed, take some time out to practise techniques that help you cope with stress.

· Find ways to relax – This is particularly important when you’re feeling stressed. Whatever helps you relax, whether it’s meditating, doing yoga or going for a walk, make sure you make time for it.

· See friends to build your sense of belonging – it might not be possible to see everyone in person at the moment, but we can catch up with them over video chat and even turn it into a group chat!

· Try to do something you enjoy every day That might mean dancing, watching a favourite TV show, working in the garden, painting or reading. Whatever it is, make sure you make the time for it.

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