Happy Summer Term Indigo Class!

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a good couple of weeks even if it did not feel like a normal Easter holiday. It's great that so many of us are staying at home and staying healthy.

Today, let's get going with our new topic: "Off with her head!" which is all about the Tudors. Open your blue notebook and brainstorm anything you already know about the Tudors. Next, watch this song here. Once you have watched it, write down at least 3 more things about the Tudors.

Now have a careful look at this timeline. Look at it and ask:

What is it showing?

When is BC, when is AD?

When did the Tudors live?

Who came before and after the Tudors in British history? (Clue:yellow and turqouise)

When were the Ancient Egyptians alive?

In your notebook, create a colourful timeline of your own to show the different historical phases from the Iron Age to the World Wars (look at the right hand end of the timeline only, from about 800BC). You should have 8 phases labelled on your timeline. You don't need to include the Aztecs because they were in South America and we are concentrating on British history this time. You can make your timeline as creative as you like. If you want to show it to me, take a picture and ask a parent/carer to e-mail it to Nicky. I would love to see your ideas.

Have a great day. Jane

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