Happy Africa Day!

Monday 25th May is Africa Day.

As you know, Oasis has community projects in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. Oasis South Africa is our Global Partner, so let's find out more about what they have been doing recently. Scotch says:

"Many South Africans, particularly those living in townships and informal settlements, are feeling the strain of lock down.

With extremely crowded environments, poor sanitation facilities, water and food shortages, unemployment and lack of access to up-to-date information, the risk of contracting COVID-19 is likely to be increased.

Bulk buying is not a reality of many in South Africa.  In light of this, Oasis South Africa were approached by Afrika Tikkun to help distribute 900 70 kg of food and essential item parcels to the most vulnerable families in Cosmo City and surrounding informal settlements in the Gauteng province.  The parcels will provide enough food for a family for 1 to 2 months. "

Scotch also says: "COVID-19 is reminding us all of the importance of UBUNTU and responsible kindness." 

In South Africa, at least 10 languages are spoken.

One of the languages is called Zulu and UNBUNTU is a word from that language. It is all about relationship and the fact that we are not alone and we all impact each other. It is a bit like harmony between people, recognising we are together.

Have some fun:

  • What picture could you draw or photo could you take to show togetherness?

  • Print out or draw the outline of Africa, colour it in lots of patterns using the colours of African flags.

  • Write an e-mail or letter or whats app message to a friend or family member in Africa to wish them "Happy Africa Day" on Monday.

  • If you are ethnically African, paint a picture about all the things you love about your culture.

  • Print out or draw the outline of Africa and find out some facts about the continent and write them inside the outline using lots of different colours and fonts. For example, you could find out: how many countries are there in Africa? Which are the famous rivers and mountains there? Which is the biggest or smallest country by land size or by population? What are African cities like?

  • Make your favourite African dish for tea or look on the blog about Mozambique on the oasisjohannahomelearning.com website to find an easy, tasty recipe from there or to ry something new.

Kwa heri,


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