Habits- colour the world with kindness!

This month, we have all been at home much more than normal. In fact, you may have heard people use the phrase ‘new normal’. We have had to adapt to a new way of doing things. Something that we’ve become used to is clapping for the NHS and key workers on a Thursday. By clapping, or banging pots and pans, or honking car horns, we are all showing consideration towards the amazing work done by this group of people.

Being considerate in this way comes in many shapes and sizes. You might say thank you to the person who makes you lunch or dinner, or help in some way. Maybe you smile at someone as you walk past them. You might even help your younger brother or sister with their homework.

Being considerate means showing kindness and being thoughtful towards others. There’s another word that we use lots at Johanna- being ‘mindful’. When we are mindful, we might think first, act second.

Have a wonderful week everyone and don’t forget to show consideration towards yourselves, too!


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