Habit of the Month: Being Considerate

In April, we are reminding ourselves of what it means to "Be Considerate".

When we have a choice to make, we might "consider" different options - chocolate or fruit,

leave it messy or tidy up, walk slowly or quickly, and we often will act in a way that is most likely to get us what we want! Sometimes, we forget to consider what might be the best thing for another person too, even if that means we lose out a little.

You may have noticed that lots of things have gone from the shops when you've been out with your parents - particularly toilet roll and tinned tomatoes! Did you notice anything else?

This is because when something scary happens, as humans, we naturally can't help ourselves needing to protect ourselves, and try to make sure that our families have everything they need - it's called "instinct". BUT this makes people sometimes act in a way that is more defensive and selfish, which we know isn't the best thing to do if we want to be people who act in a loving and inclusive, kind way to everyone.

If we all act in a considerate way, then there would be plenty in the shops to go around for everyone.

Being Considerate means that we act out of love - not out of duty*. So we choose to do the loving thing, because it will bring the best for another person and ensure they feel valued and cared for. We do this because we know that's how we want to feel too.

*If you're not sure what duty means, ask your adult!

Maybe you could share a song like Elmo does below?

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