Greeting from Oasis Zimbabwe!

Asha, who leads Oasis in Zimbabwe, writes:

"People are living from hand to mouth on a daily basis, 70% of the economy is informal, they have no running water in their homes and have to collect water from a communal water point, meaning hundreds of people are queuing in close proximity to one another just to get water, something they cannot live without."

In Zimbabwe, where people are already struggling with a lack of food and not enough jobs, corona virus is an added worry. One of the things we can do when we are worried or panicking is concentrate on our breathing. It calms us right down and we feel better and think straighter. You can watch Asha teaching us some breathing techniques by clicking here.

Oasis Zimbabwe are working hard to support communities in practical ways to help save lives during the Covid 19 pandemic.

In Zimbabwe, the main languages are Shona, Ndebele and English. Can you understand any of the words in the poster below?

Here are some fun activities to choose from. They help you get to know Zimbabwe better:

  • Find out where Zimbabwe is in the world, draw its outline and decorate the outline with the colours if its flag.

  • Watch this clip about Zimbabean music to get a flavour of their dance and music style and to get a look at the country. Now draw round your dancing feet and decorate within the outline with bright colours and patterns to show the music.

  • Find out facts about Zimbabwe here and then make a quiz for your family all about it.

  • In Zimbabwe they have elephants, lions, giraffes, leopards and zebras. Find out about one of these and draw or paint it. Underneath or on the back, write some facts that you found out.

Zimbabwe is a very beautiful country. I hope you enjoy finding out more about it.

Sara mushe,


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