Greeting from Oasis Uganda!


The Oasis team in Uganda have been working hard during the pandemic. here is some of their news:

Most of the families across the communities we work with have continued to face income challenges because caretakers are unemployed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has affected feeding, nutrition and general well-being of household members. This has also affected the home learning cycle of our girls - we all know how difficult it is to learn when we are hungry. As a result, through partnerships, we have reached out to some of these families through our family mentors, assisting them with relief items to keep them afloat as they work towards reviving their income sources.    We also continue to support the National Covid-19 Taskforce, identifying the most vulnerable homes and distributing food and hygiene packages as providing support where possible.  Our teachers in Kampala and Musoto continue to stay in contact with their students as much as possible and develop on-line lessons for the children to complete.

Have a look at these pictures to find out more:

Here are some activities to choose from to find out more about Uganda. Try any that you think would be fun:

1. As many of you know, Ugandan fabrics are full of colour and pattern. Have a go at creating your own fabric patterns by designing them on paper. Use big, bold shapes and patterns and bright colours.

2. Click on this link here and learn the basics of Swahili.

3. Uganda is one of the few countries in the world which still has mountain gorillas. Find out about them from the World Wildlife Fund here and create a poster or fact sheet all about them.

4. Watch the clip below to learn how to make Ugandan chapati's and then make them yourself.

Delicious! Eat them on their own or with a stew or curry.



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