Greeting from Kyrgyzstan.

Oasis Kyrgyzstan have been busy responding to the Covid-19 situation in their country. So far they have: ✅ run an information campaign among care leavers about COVID-19 and about methods of protection and prevention; ✅ Campaigned to collect food packages for care leavers in crisis through the #Foodbank program; ✅ Helped find housing for vulnerable young people who were on the street without any support and information.

Meerim Osmonalieva, Oasis Kyrgyzstan Country Director, says, "We are currently in daily contact with all of our care leavers and social workers providing emotional support and emergency food packages." Year 5 were lucky enough to meet Meerim when she came to talk to them about empowering girls in Kyrgyzstan. This was just before we went in to lock down.

This is how to say hello in Kyrgyz. Does it remind you of any other languages that say hello a bit like this? Which part of the word is the same? Why do you think that is?

To find our more about Kygryzstan and where it is, you can look on this page on kiddle.

Kyrgyz people are very artistic. Their arts and crafts are very beautiful. They often include a traditional pattern like this:

To see how this kind of traditional rug is made, watch this clip here.

Can you design a carpet using these kind of patterns? How a go and colour it in or paint it.

Here are two more pieces of Kyrgyz art.

What do you notice? What's the same? What's different?

What can you learn about Kyrgyzstan from these pictures?

Do they remind you about anything in your own life?

Kyrgyzstan is a very beautiful country full of mountains, lakes, rivers, sheep and sky. Traditionally, in the past, people lived in round houses called yurts. These are also often painted.

Perhaps you could paint a mountain picture or draw and colour in the Kygryz flag.



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