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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

The Titanic was, and probably still is, the most famous ship ever to be built. This week we are looking at when the RMS Titanic sank, why it sank and why so many people lost their lives.

This is a fascinating theme and once you know some of the key facts about the ship and what happened to it, it is a tragic story that easily captures the imagination and can inspire all sorts of writing.

What did the ship look like?

To start with, find out a bit about the ship itself and why everyone was so excited about it at the time.

There are endless websites you can visit to find out about this. Start here, this Bitesize page has some key information and a couple of short videos.

Find out about where the ship was built, what was special about it and what it looked like on board.

You will find out that the ship had first class areas for those who had the most expensive tickets and 3rd class for the cheaper tickets and there was a lot going on for passengers all over the ship. See what you can find out. Find some pictures of the different areas and notice just how luxurious it was!

What was life like for passengers aboard the Titanic?

Then, once you know a bit about the design of the ship, find out about what life was like for the passengers on board.

Start here, for some information on life aboard the ship. It is another Bitesize page with facts and some short videos.

What other pictures can you find?

What happened?

I am sure it will not be too much of a spoiler to tell you at this point that this 'unsinkable ship' did actually sink.

Do some research and find out the events that led up the sinking of the Titanic. Create a timeline of the events that led to it sinking.

There are endless resources online that you can learn from. Remember what we said about online research - don't get lost in endless pages and links. Dive in, find the information you need then GET OUT and write it down! Know what you want to find out and keep focused!

If you have the resources, you might want to make yourself a scrap book all about the Titanic. Perhaps you could imagine that you are presenting a tv show about the Titanic and ask somebody to film you? Perhaps you could raid the recycling and make a model of the ship or a drawing?

I would love for some of you to email me a picture or an explanation of what you have been doing so we can add to the family page of the blog.

Keep in touch year 6: leanne.acar@oasisjohanna.org

However you decide to record or display what you find out, enjoy learning about the tragic story of the Titanic.

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