Friday assembly 26th June

Our special certificate this week is awarded to Ann.

I was thinking about our Oasis habit for June: humble, Ann embodies this.

During this strange time of lockdown, Ann has insisted on coming to school more than she has to. She loves to take care of people and says that our school is like her family but she hasn’t been able to see them as much as usual.

She finds special activities to do and brings in lots of craft ideas for individuals and groups in the keyworker provision. Ann says that the children here took the place of her own grandchildren and great-grandchildren for a while.

Ann has now taken command of delivering the lunches to the various classrooms, you can set your watch as her trolley rattles along the corridors.

So what makes her humble? Ann never shows off about the things she does. We find out about her many quiet kindnesses gradually. Whenever I compliment or thank her she dismisses the praise saying that she does nothing special.

Well, Ann, you do and THANK YOU!


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