Friday Assembly: 22nd May

Today’s Friday certificate goes to…Leanne!

When the lockdown was announced, it would have been easy for us all to leap into panic mode. ‘What about our lessons? What about SATS? How will we cope with being at home for so long? How will we manage without seeing our friends?’

Not Leanne! After the announcement, she stayed up late into the night to create this fantastic website which enables us all to stay connected to our learning, our teachers and our Johanna community. Using her creativity and colourful imagination, Leanne has worked tirelessly to create inspiring and interesting assemblies, videos and learning for all of us. She has been communicating with families to see how everyone is getting on during lock down. Leanne has helped set up meetings to keep the teachers connected with each other, and has really gone above and beyond our expectations.

I am awarding this certificate to Leanne for her amazing work ethic, dedication and imagination. We are truly lucky to have such a brilliant staff member at Johanna.

Here’s to you, Leanne!

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