Friday assembly 19th June - KS2

This content is written for our older children and might be something that families would like to talk about together.

Today we have an extra certificate for someone who was unknown to us until last week.

This is Patrick Hutchinson.

Our special certificate this week is awarded to Patrick Hutchinson.

You will be aware of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations that have been taking place in London. On Saturday several groups of people decided that they would ‘defend the statues’ many of which had already been boarded up so that they would not be damaged. Social media shows that a lot of these people were really coming for a fight.

Patrick Hutchinson is a personal trainer who was at a BLM demonstration at the Southbank Centre (this is where you sing in Y2 and 5).

The man being carried appeared to be surrounded in a crowd where some protesters tried to attack him while others tried to defuse the situation. Mr Hutchinson said he became involved when he saw this at the top of a staircase by the centre. He scooped the man into a fireman’s lift to carry him to police because the situation ‘wasn’t going to end well’.

His friend Pierre Noah, a bodyguard and martial arts coach from Croydon, said people were ‘going to beat him up and stamp on him’. Mr Hutchinson said Mr Noah and three other friends stepped in to create a barrier around the man.

Mr Hutchinson and his friends said they attended the protest to watch over young Black Lives Matter activists. The grandfather added: ‘I could actually feel strikes and hits as I was carrying him, so these guys were probably taking some of that themselves on their person.’ He said he believed George Floyd would still be alive today if the colleagues of the policeman who knelt on his neck during custody had taken the same attitude as his friends.

Boris Johnson’s chief spokesperson commended Mr Hutchinson’s bravery today, adding: ‘The images are very moving. Nobody should have to face vile racism and abuse. ‘I think Patrick Hutchinson’s instincts in that moment represent the best of us.’

In an interview Mr Hutchinson said:

"I want to see equality for everybody. I am a father, a grandfather and I would love to see my young children, my young grandchildren, my nieces, my nephews have a better world than I have lived in. The world I live in has been better than my grandparents and my parents and hopefully we can continue until we have total equality for everyone. Just because somebody's up to no good, doesn't mean you have to kill them."

Patrick Hutchinson is a hero because he looked after somebody who was in danger. That person may have been there for a bad reason but doing the right thing should not depend on such a judgement.


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