Friday Assembly 19th June

Today’s Friday certificate goes to…Flic!

Flic has a really interesting job with many different projects and roles. During this strange time of lockdown she has been supporting many of our Waterloo families, whether or not they are part of our school.

I had the pleasure of driving around the local area recently delivering boxes to many of you. I learnt that Flic knows everybody! She waved and said hello to nearly every adult we saw in the streets. (Unfortunately, as a cyclist she doesn’t know which roads are one way so we had quite a giggle working out how to get from one address to the next.)

She is now very busy putting together a summer programme for the community, which is even more difficult than usual as we do not yet know what will change nationally between now and then.

I know that many of you have been joining in her family quizzes and challenges. (Please look at the family section on our learning site for more details.)

Well done Flic, you are always positive and enthusiastic. You embody the Oasis ethos and 9 habits.

I think I will call you Ms Waterloo from now on.


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