For Year 6

Hi everyone,

Who would have thought that I would be sitting at home and missing telling you all to focus and to "do the work"!?

I hope that you are all managing to do a little bit of work everyday, just to keep everything ticking over in your brain. Don't worry about anything, schools will pick up your learning when we get back but you can help yourself by doing a little bit every day. There is plenty on here to keep you going. Make sure you check out the music lessons, drawing tutorials etc. as well.

We won't be adding any curriculum work to the site over the Easter 'break' but keep an eye on the Easter page for some fun links over the holidays. Try to get out for some exercise once a day and I hope you are keeping in touch with each other via Whatsapp or Zoom or phone calls.

After Easter, our topic will be Gallery Rebels which is an Art History topic - it's a really interesting theme and I learnt a lot this time last year when researching it to teach to for the first time. I will be busy looking for plenty of links and ideas to share with you after the 2 weeks.

It would be good to hear from you on but please check with your adult first.

Until then, here's a song for you all...... you sound great when you sing this together.

Take care of yourselves and remember to tidy up after yourselves and to help look after any younger brothers or sisters when you can.

Miss you all!


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