EYFS - Music Lesson - Week 4 - 11.05.20


You need rain to help plants grow.

LISTEN and DANCE to Gardens in the rain.

Stand on tiptoes and move around with tiny quick steps.

Or just stay on the spot, moving with tiny quick steps.

Wiggle your fingers up and down to make rain patterns.

Tap the rain on your legs. Pitter patter.

Notice when the music changes and change how you move, maybe do a different movement.

SING-A-LONG to the vegetable song.

It's easy to join in.

Call and response. Your turn - My turn.

PAT - Um Papa while you listen to the music.

Um - both hands pat your legs

Papa - one hand pats your chest

Challenge - change your actions.Maybe you could do

Stamp - Clap Clap

You choose

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