EYFS Music Lesson - Week 1 - 20.04.20

Hello, and welcome back. I hope you had a lovely Easter Break and are ready to learn some new songs.

This term we will be doing lots of music activities around the topic of growing.

Let's start off with a WARM UP (watch the clip to help)

Curl up into a tiny ball like a seed.

Water the seed - make a 'shhhh' sound like you are being watered.

Kneel up and stretch your arms up and out, wiggling your fingers like the rays of sun.

Grow up, slowly start to stand up and and stretch up as high as you can go, and then open your arms like a flower opening. Make the sound 'ooooh' as you rise up.



Join in with this dance all about a bean being planted.

Watch out, it get's faster and faster!


Sing along with the song and join in with some actions.

Plants his seeds - pretend to throw some seeds into the soil

Sun begins to shine - stretch arms up and then out to the side, wiggling fingers for the suns rays.

Rain begins to fall - Wiggle fingers down in front of you, like rain falling.

Plants begin to grow - crouch down and grow up, stretching really tall.

Vegetables are here - point down to the ground, to show where the vegetables are.

Digs them up - pretend to dig with a spade.

Time to eat - pretend to eat with a knife and fork.

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