EYFS Music Lesson - Term 6 Week 2 - 08.06.20

WARM UP your bodies.


PAT on thighs, using alternate hands and say Caterpillar.

Each time you say a syllable pat the other leg. Cat-er-pil-lar

CLAP and say Butterfly – doing one clap for each syllable. But-ter-fly.

Make sure you say the word how you usually say it, don’t slow it down.

Say them together with the pat and the clap

Cat-er-pil-lar But-ter-fly Cat-er-pil-lar But-ter-fly

JOIN IN patting and clapping Caterpillar Butterfly to the music.

Keep in time and say the words as you pat the rhythms.

Cantaloupe Island Backing Track


JOIN IN with the actions.

Wriggle Wriggle - wriggle your body

Munch Munch - Open and close your hands

Spin Spin - roll your hands around each other.

Flap Flap - flap your arms like wings.


Listen to the Sing-a-long clip first so you know what to do.

Practise lifting your left and right legs when they say ‘step left/right’

Get everyone in the house to make a line ready to do the conga.

Stand on tiptoes and bounce along to the conga, moving around the room, like a giant caterpillar.

Have fun

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