EYFS Music Lesson - Term 6 Week 1 - 01.06.20


Let’s start by warming up our bodies


Flap arms like a butterfly and say

Flap, Flap, Flap, Flap

Wriggle your upper body like a worm and say

Wriggle Wriggle Wriggle Wriggle

Crawl fingers on legs like spiders and say

Crawl Crawl Crawl Crawl

Wriggle finger up arm like caterpillar and say

Climb Climb Climb Climb


Say and do the actions of the warm up over and over, in a loop. Keeping to a steady beat.

Now do the pattern along to the music. Start off by saying the words and then say them in your head.

Drum Track – Groove Funk Beat – 92Bpm


There’s a tiny caterpillar on a leaf

Sing along and join in with the actions

Wriggle, Wriggle – wriggle your body

Munch, Munch – use your hands to make an eating motion

Spin, Spin – spin your hands around each other (like wind the bobbin up)

Flap, Flap – flap you arms like wings


I want you to imagine you are a caterpillar crawling around and stopping to munch on a leaf.

Get on the floor and practise moving like a caterpillar. Bring knees up under body and then flatten out. Repeat.

Practise nibbling an imaginery leaf.

Crawl to music, when you hear the music change pace pretend to eat a leaf.

The Strangers – The Caterpillar Crawl


Butterfly Dance – Dave Hubbard

Listen to the music and move around the room as a butterfly – gently flapping arms, on tip toes, drinking the nectar.

Make sure you keep in time to the music. No running. Nice and gentle.

If you don’t have room to move about you can be a butterfly standing on the spot.

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