EYFS & KS1 Singing Assembly - Week 2 - 27.04.20


Welcome back to the singing assembly. Please keep on singing the songs I have already posted, and enjoy the new ones.

Have fun doing the warm ups


Don't worry if you need to take shorter breaths breathing in and out.

Just breathe at your own rate. Keep relaxed.

We are now in the month of Ramadan, and so I thought it would great if we could all sing along to Ramadan Moon. Some of you may have heard it already in Leanne's Ramadan post.

Some of you may already know this song Ipi N'Tombia

Watch the Mzansi Children's Choir singing the song.

Look at their actions for the chorus to help you learn the chorus and what actions to do.

Practise the CHORUS with the actions.

Watch this clip

Hiya - one arm up

Hiya - both arms out in front of you, palms up

Hiya Ho - one arm up and then both arms out

N'tombia - hands on hips OR arms crossed, and move side to side

Ipi N'tombia, N'tombia - swing one bent arm backwards and forwards in front of body & move knees in and out.

Sing the whole song with the Sing-a-long Clip.

The version we sing is a little bit different to the clip of the choir.

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