Easter Holiday Fun.

Dear Indigo class, wishing you a very happy holiday. I hope you have a good time despite the strange situation. Be brave and kind. Here is a game you can play at home. It is called THROWING THE SMILE:

Number of players: 4-10

Object of game: to smile only when it is your turn to do so.

How to play: Sit in a circle. The youngest player starts by smiling at each of the other straight-faced players. After a bit, she literally wipes the smile from her face with her hand and pretends to throw it to any other player of their choice. Whoever receives the smile has to reach up and catch it and put it on: then, after wearing the smile for a few moments, they wipe it off and toss it to someone else. Anyone who smiles out of turn must leave the game immediately but they can then try to make other players smile by using funny faces. The last player to remain in the game is the winner. Keep smiling. Back in a couple of weeks, Jane.

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