Are you reading every day?

Are you all reading at home every day?

Some children find reading very difficult but it is important that they continue to practise every day so that they get better and better. I can't wait to see how much their reading has improved when we come back to school!

Top tips when reading is hard:

  • Use audiobooks and videos to keep learning fun. There are lots of links to online stories on the class blog pages.

  • Try just 10 minutes every day (but even 5 minutes will help).

  • Read along together (don't make them 'sound out' every word).

  • Talk about the story, characters and pictures. Try not to focus on how many words they have read correctly.

  • Reading doesn't have to be a book: Try lyric videos to your favourite songs on Youtube, or watch a programme with the subtitles switched on; Read a recipe to cook together, or find the ingredients on the side of a cereal packet.

  • If your child is not yet able to read, please just share a story every day.

  • Keep reading fun: let your child read things they are interested in!

You can even try reading with your pets!

If you are struggling with reading at home and would like some support, you can email me:

Happy reading!


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