All age writing - When the animals took over the world!

With everyone tucked up safely in their houses, the animals must be wondering where all the humans have gone!

Have the humans gone extinct? they might ask.

Here is another video about how animals across the world are taking over the streets....

What a great starting point for a fun piece of writing this week! Younger children can scroll down this page and find two other stories about what can happen when animals take over.

This week you could:

1) Write a story called:

When the Animals Took Over the World.

Perhaps you could start it with something like:

As I opened my eyes, I heard the strangest snuffling noise coming from just outside my window. Cars and sirens - yes, I hear these all the time, but snuffling? This is new. I pulled myself out of bed and went straight to the window. As I pulled back the curtains, my eyes opened wide, my jaw dropped and my mind started whirring and whirling trying to make sense of what I was seeing. Unbelievable!

Or here is a different starting idea....

I took a second look, surely I must be seeing strange things. I had nipped out to the shop to buy some milk and cereal when I saw what looked like a zebra coming down the escalator at Waterloo station! It had its back legs 3 steps behind and its front legs holding its front half up. As the escalator carried it down, the zebra was looking casually around at the ticket machines, the advertising boards and the random pigeons, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, deer and flamingos wandering in and out of the station. Where on earth was it going to go? What did it plan to do next?

From this point on, use your imagination to entertain your reader. In your story, elephants, giraffes and penguins could all be taking over the streets of London!

What do they get up to?

What trouble do they cause?

Do you try and bring one in as a pet? What happens?

How will your story end?

Will they find a way for animals and humans to live safely and happily together?

2) How about writing AS one of the animals? :

When WE took over the world.

Perhaps you could start with something like:

My Grandad, the cleverest fox in the city, has always dreamed of this day but I never believed it would happen.

The humans have all gone!

Everyone thinks they know where the people went. Grandad thinks they got captured by the big red buses and driven to the end of the earth. The lioness think that aliens took them all and the penguins think that they all just melted. To be honest I don't really care, I'm just loving being able to play on the streets and run on the grass without having to hide. This morning I went into the park and played for hours and nobody was there to make me go away.

What else have the animals enjoyed doing?

How will your story end?

Will they find a way for animals and humans to live safely and happily together?

If you are a very keen writer, perhaps you could write the SAME story twice, one from the point of view of the animals and once as the human? That would be some very clever writing.

You could start writing straight away and see where your story takes you, or you could use this blog post from last week to help you plan out where you story will go before you start.

Tips and tricks for great writing.

Over the last 2 weeks, we have been looking at my favourite tips and tricks for excellent writing.

1) Show not tell. I wrote a bit about that here.

2) Use specific details. I wrote more about this here.

Here is number 3.

3) Where there is a pinch, there is an ouch!

This means that when one character does something, the other must react.

Action ....... Reaction

For example:

Pinch (action): Your character sees a hippo in the garden and screams.

Ouch (reaction): The hippo jumps in fright, runs and crashes into the parked car.

Pinch: The donkey does a poo on the kitchen floor.

Ouch: Your character smells it and immediately feels ill.

Pinch: The wolf suddenly howls loudly.

Ouch: Your brother throws his hands to his ears to block the sound.

The reaction doesn't have to be big, but there should be some reaction to things that are done and said through your story. Not every actions needs a reaction, but moments that are important to your story should have something.

Once you have planned and / or written your story:

Perhaps you could act it out?

Perhaps you could turn it into a news report and film it on a phone for Johanna TV?

It could start with something like,

"Reports have come in about very strange things happening on the streets in Waterloo. An eyewitness reports seeing a zebra coming down the escalators of Waterloo station and walking down towards Lower Marsh..."

Other stories inspired by animals taking over:

A Squash and a Squeeze

And the popular farmyard thriller, What the Ladybird heard.

Send any films you make in to me at, I would LOVE to see them and share them.


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