All Age Writing - Superheroes!

This term is Jeanette's favourite year1 topic - Superheroes! I know she is very disappointed not to be with everyone else wearing capes and pretending to fly around the playground so we will start the term with a superhero themed writing task to cheer her up!

We are each going to imagine ourselves as a superhero this week and write about our superhero identities!

I wonder what type of hero will you be?

Watch this to start building up some ideas and then think about the questions below.

You might want to draw yourself as a superhero first and then describe your hero self in words, or write your words first then and then use your own description to inspire your writing. Choose what will work best for you.

Here are some questions to help you with some ideas:

What will your superhero name be?

What special powers will you have?

Where have the powers come from?

Do you have a special superhero costume?

Once you have time to think of some ideas, and perhaps sketch out your superhero costume, it is time to write about yourself as a hero.

Here are some sentence starters to get you going:

My superhero name would be...

The superhero powers I would have are...

I have these powers because...

My superhero costume is....

Perhaps your superhero powers involve being able to turn invisible, to fly, to read people's minds or to have super strength?

Perhaps your costume has rocket boosters or sparkles or is all the colours of the rainbow?

Our REAL superhero selves!

We may not have these powers or costumes in real life, but do you know what? In reality we are all superheroes!

I hope you have seen our assembly for this week, if not you can catch up with it here. It is all about 'How to be Brave'.

Being brave is a superhero power.

Being kind to others is a superhero power.

Helping others when they need it is a superhero power.

These are all superhero powers too!

For the month of June, our habit is being humble. Being humble means remembering that everyone is created equally and that everyone is important. When we are humble, we work and play WITH others and we don't always push ourselves to the front.

Being humble is when we serve others and this is a true superhero thing to do.

As an extra writing challenge for this week, perhaps you could find out about a real life superhero who you think shows humility in their lives. This could be someone that you know or someone you have read about. Someone who helps others. Write about their story, why it is inspiring and how they show humility in their life.

I would love to learn about these people too and perhaps I could share their stories in the assembly next week?

It would be great if you could e-mail me your writing at and I could tell some of the stories in the assembly next week.


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