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With only 2 days left until July, here is a great writing challenge for you to have a go at.

Scroll down and you will see a writing calendar and for every day in the month of July is a writing prompt. Some are longer that others but all of them have the potential for some imaginative writing.

Perhaps you could set yourself a '30 days of writing challenge' and task yourself with writing something EVERY day of July?

If Bess can do 95 daily vlogs with no sign of stopping, we can surely do just 30 days of writing?!

Here is Bess and Wilson (who is a real puppy, not a teddy!) in vlog #95 looking back at her first vlog series from last summer.

If anyone can stick to a daily challenge it's our Bess.

If a 30 day challenge is difficult, then you could just dip and out. Either way, enjoy some writing time with a month full of ideas.

If you like this idea, have a look at this blog for more similar ideas.

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