All age writing challenge - poetry

Have you seen the assembly from this week yet? Click here if you haven't seen it yet. It is all about how people are making colourful and joyful rainbow decorations for windows as a way of saying thank you to the NHS and ALL of the people working hard to keep us safe. You will also see some familiar faces, so make sure you watch it right to the end.

For our writing task this week, have a go at writing an acrostic poem using the word RAINBOW as your starting point.

An acrostic poem is when each line starts with the next letter of a word - an acrostic poem doesn't have to rhyme.

You might want to write your poem on the topic of Spring, or things that make you happy, or life in lock down, your class topic or ANYTHING you like.

Here is my example:

Running out of space because we are all at home!

Afternoons spent relaxing with some craft or TV.

I'll always remember these unusual days.

Not seeing my friends can be hard and I miss them.

But there have been wonderful moments too.

Outside I can see blossom and the new signs of spring.

Windows everywhere are coloured in rainbows that give thanks and joy.

E-mail me your acrostics on or take a photo and send it to your class WhatsApp group. Ask your class rep to forward it to me.

What other words could you use to start another acrostic?

Your name?


Your class topic?

A place you love?

A friend's name?

Have fun playing with words as you create poems this week.

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