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Have you watched the assembly for this week? If not, you can catch up here.

The assembly was all about taking action when it is hard to know what to do. It was about seeing things around us that are wrong and unfair and being determined to do something about it.

Like the story of Malala reminded us, lots of small actions build up together to make big changes so whatever actions we choose, they will never be too small. Here are some ideas on how we can use our writing to respond.

1) For the artists and those who want to show feeling in writing.

This memorial is opposite Lambeth North station and it is there to remember all those who have lost their lives unfairly, many because of racist violence. People are encouraged to bring flowers and messages and leave them there.

How about drawing or making some flowers and writing a note, letter or poem to go with them. You could write how you feel about the memorial or about what unfairness feels like. Or perhaps a note to the families who have had very sad times?

Then you could either take them to the spot yourself or bring them into school and I will take them all and find a way to secure them to the memorial as a gift from our school.

2) For the biographers.

We looked at Malala's story in the assembly, who else do you know about who has been brave enough to speak out when the world around them has been unfair?

Biography means life-writing. When you have found someone, do some research about their life, what was the issue they felt strongly about and what did they do about it? A quick Google search will give you plenty of ideas.

Write out your findings in a biography of that person's life. Remember that biographies are in time order so once you have your notes, think carefully how you need to organise your information so that it makes sense to the reader.

3) For the letter writers.

Last week, some of you wrote positive letters to your friends telling them why you like being friends with them. This week is a similar challenge but it involves writing a letter to yourself.

The second story on the assembly page was called 'I Am Enough'. Write yourself a letter about all the reasons that you ARE enough and why you don't ever need to try and be someone different.

Tell yourself all the good things about you. Are you kind? Honest? Calm? Energetic? Are you good at making friends? Swimming? Art? Are you imaginative? Sporty? Quiet? Loud? Are you brave? Supportive? Funny?

Sometimes we all need to give ourselves a bit of a boost!

4) For the story writers.

Imagine who your lead character might be. What situation might your lead character come across that feels unfair? It doesn't need to be a big challenge that affects whole communities, it could be something that is only important to your character.

Tell the story of how your character feels about the unfair situation and what s/he does to make things right again. Stories can be tricky to write so it might help help to make a rough plan first.

Here are three ideas but if you have a better one on the theme of injustice or taking action then go for it.

Perhaps you prefer to write a play script instead of a story?

Perhaps you could write and film a speech about the changes you would like to see in the world?

Perhaps you want to write more letters of appreciation to your friends? (and then one for yourself)

Whatever you decide to write, we would love to see your work. Please do email it to:


with the name of the teacher you would like it to be forwarded to.

If you prefer to hand write your work, then make sure your name is clearly shown on the paper and you can drop it into the school postbox on the gate by the office. If you have made flowers then ring the office bell during school hours and someone will come and collect them. We would love to see what you have written so please do send it to us and we will be able to respond. We LOVE to read your work and are always happy to chat with you about what you have done and offer any thoughts on how to make it even better.

Happy writing,

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