All Age Writing - standing up to racism

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Did you see the assembly this week? If not, you can catch up here because it ties in with our writing.

There is a lot going on in the world at the moment isn't there. Sometimes drawing and writing can help us to get our heads around the things that are happening around us.

This week, I would like you to get a get piece of paper and fold it in half and then in half again so that you have 4 equal parts.

Then think of 4 children from your class - try not to think of just your best friends and the people you talk to most, try to include people who you perhaps don't speak to as much. Perhaps even one of the adults in your class?

Write one name in each quarter of the paper. Then think about each person in turn and write some things that are different about you and the person you named and some things that are the same.

If you think hard enough, you will be able to find things for both.

We are both different and the same as all of the people around us.

Next steps:

For the Letter Writers:

You could choose 1, 2 or even all of the people you chose and write them a letter saying why you are happy to be in the same class as them and write some kind and encouraging things about them. You could then save the letter(s) until you get to see them next or post them to school and we can pass them on. (Be very clear who your letter is for though so we can send it on to the right person.)

For the Song Writers:

Songs are mostly just poems with music behind them. Like the song you heard on the assembly post, perhaps you could write a poem or a song about being the same and different as your friends, or about the protests happening right now, about fairness, about justice, about racism or anything that came to mind when you heard the assembly or the song.

For the researchers:

This is a difficult one. Look up the term social justice. What does this mean? Do some research, make some notes and try writing up an explanation of what this means. Can you find out and explain the difference between charity and social justice?

Words like:




Justice will be helpful.

For the non-fiction writers:

Watch all or some of this video; it's quite long at 28 minutes so you may only be able to watch part of it. That's fine.

Make some notes while you watch. You can write about what they say as well as your own thoughts about standing up to racism and unfairness. You could then organise your notes and ideas into an article called 'Standing up to Racism', or a title of your own choice. Based on the information that you have found out, what would YOU like to say to people about this issue?

I would love to read your poems and your articles so e-mail me at with your work. It would be great to share some on the site. You can e-mail me the words if you type it or send me a picture of the work and I can read it from there. Just remember to write your name on it so that I know who they are from.

I can't wait to hear your ideas and thoughts on this very big and challenging topic.


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