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Key Stage 2 children should recognise which song these words come from...

The assembly this week was all about joy and happiness. If you haven't seen it yet, catch up with it here.

What are the things that make you feel happy?

Start by having a list near you of the things that bring you joy.

When writers write, they are often inspired by their own lives and their own experiences so a list of joy bringing things is the perfect inspiration for some writing.

There are lots of options with this as a starting point.

Here are some ideas.

For the poets in our school:

1) Use your list to write a poem about the things that make you feel happy.

This could be any sort of poem that you like to write. Read it so someone when you have finished it.

For the fiction writers in our school:

2) Write a story about someone having the best day of their lives!

Use your own list to help inspire what happens through your story. After having such a great day, has your character learnt something new about themselves? Does your character find a way to spread some joy to others?

All the way through, remember to describe how your character feels at different points in the plot. You might also want to include a sad moment so that the joyful moments are even more joyful.

For the autobiographers: (people who write about their own lives)

3) Perhaps you want to look back in your own life and your own experiences - can you think of a time when you felt so happy you could burst?! What happened on that day? Write down as much as you can remember about the experience and keep that paper safe so that you can look back on it when you are older.

For the journalists:

4) Or perhaps non-fiction is more your thing?

You could produce a piece to inform others about the science of happiness - what is happening in the brain and the body when we feel happy? Are there things that we can do to boost our own feelings of happiness? What does it really mean to be happy?

You might be able to make some notes for your work from this video...

Or from this article...

For everyone:

Which ever task or tasks you choose to have a go at, enjoy the process of writing and remember to always start with your purpose.

WHY am I writing this? Is it to: entertain, persuade, discuss or inform?

Then follow the 3 stages:

Explore : research, make notes, interview people, gather ideas

Practice : work out a good starter, check vocabulary, spellings, plan your paragraphs

Compose: put your final piece together, with all your best ideas and written for your reader.

Finally, I would love to see read what you have produced so e-mail it to me at

Happy writing.

Key stage 2 children... sing along!

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