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Party time!

In our assembly this week, you saw the photograph for a street party happening to celebrate the war ending in Europe.

They look so happy don't they!

What stories can you think of that have a party in them? Or even just people coming together to celebrate.

How about these stories: You Must Bring a Hat...

Or this strange scene from Alice in Wonderland.... (PG)

Look how happy Piglet is when his friends celebrate him in this short story....

Or lastly, this short banquet scene from Harry Potter...

Cinderella's ball?

The Tiger Who Came to Tea? (Not a party, but they eat together)

What others can you think of?

Writing Ideas:

You could use one of these party themed writing ideas, or imagine your own party that you would have to inspire you in these writing task ideas.

host = the person who organised the party

1) Design and write an invitation for a party - perhaps inviting Piglet to his own party?

2) Write a letter from a party guest thanking the host for a wonderful time.

3) Look closely at the photograph at the top from the VE Day party. Look at each of the faces and choose one who you could write as. Write a diary diary about this exciting day when you heard that the war was over in Europe and then you gathered with your neighbours to celebrate. Write about how it felt to hear the news, what it was like celebrating with all your neighbours and friends at a street party. Use all of your senses so that you can describe the day as clearly as possible. Remember - describe where you can, use details and male sure you characters react to things that other characters do and say.

4) Perhaps you could write on this theme of parties from a non-fiction perspective? Find out about VE Day and organise the information into sentences and paragraphs to inform and teach your reader. Explain what VE Day was all about and how communities celebrated together with street parties.

5) Imagine that you are the event organiser for a huge party. Write a detailed set of instructions for organising and hosting the party so that it goes smoothly and everyone has a great time.

6) Do you remember a particular party or celebration that was extra special to you? What can you remember? What made it special? You could write a memoir of this event - in other words, write what you remember as if you are writing it for someone else to read.

Perhaps you have your own idea about something to write under the theme of 'parties' and 'celebration'? This is about writing, using imagination and practising your writing skills as you go.

Happy writing


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