I’m sure you all know that the Government made some announcements on Sunday about a few changes to our lockdown situation.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to maintain that self-control I wrote about last week. One way we can do this is by actively practising calming and focusing techniques. Would you like to try some of these?

We are all so keen to see our friends, family, maybe even some of our teachers! It is tempting to think that we can all relax now, but we must wait a little longer until things return to ‘normal’.

To help us practice the self-control we all need at the moment, why don’t you try some of the following games?

1. FREEZE DANCE: get your adult or sibling to help with this one! All you need to do is play your favourite song, and have someone else ‘freeze’ the music. When the music stops, try striking a silly pose!

2. SIMON SAYS: another one to practice with other family members!

3. JENGA: if you have a set at home, that’s great! If, like me, you haven’t, then try using objects from around the house (but ask an adult first!), and see how tricky you can make it!

Have a wonderful week, and I’m looking forward to hearing all about your self-control techniques when I finally see you!


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