A message from children in India.

Listen to what some of the children in an after-school club run by Oasis in India have to say to us, by clicking on this link here.

How amazing that we are all in this together, literally all over the world. Here are some ideas for responding to the video, pick as many as you like to do:

  • Find out more about India by following this link, here.

  • Have a go at drawing or painting the Indian flag or use the colours of the flag to create your own pattern or picture.

  • Write a letter to a friend or someone in your family who lives in another country.

  • Make a short video of your own by filming each member of your family saying something positive or encouraging to help you through the lock down.

  • Find a map of India on line or in an atlas and have a good long look at it. What do you see? What do you notice?

Can you find out about any famous cities, rivers, people or events it is know for? This song here will help you as well as the link in activity number 1. Create a mind map to show what you have found out.

  • Make a power point slideshow all about India.

  • Make an Indian dish to eat for your tea.

  • Henna your hands (with adult permission) or draw some henna-style patterns on paper.

Have fun, what ever you choose to do, or maybe you have an idea of your own.



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