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This page will help us share updates from our community and help us all stay connected. 

Our online programme has been revamped to include all your favourite activities so you can be active and creative at home! 

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We also have opportunities throughout the week where we can spend "face to face" time together.








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The Healthspace team
The Healthspace team has changed a lot since lockdown. Watch the video to meet the team and get a better idea of what their role is within the community. 








Medleys takeaway challenge

Last week a few of our families took part in the Medleys Takeaway Challenge. Watch this video to see what they thought of their Medleys dinner!




The "UP" campaign




From 18th May until 4th June, we supported Oasis’ #plateup campaign which aims to ensure no child goes hungry over the school holidays.
Thank you to all the families who supported this campaign by sending in their picture and well done to Kathy Jones for winning the Hello Fresh box!




Below are pictures of the recipes she cooked:

Grow and Play Giveaway!

Last month, while maintaining social distancing and safety, Felicity, Kathy and Lily ran a wonderful stall for our families.
Families received hula hoops, toys and edible plants to grow at home.

The team also opened the very popular Library of Play Things! Something we have missed dearly since lockdown.



Quirino has started the day off with some exercise - a great way to get your body and brain full of energy! Have you found any great online PE videos? 

He's also found time for some music with his little brother! Welldone!  

Some of you have been busy making and baking! Using your Maths skills to weigh and measure ingredients, and then your smell and taste to enjoy what's been made!

Could you make Banana Bread like Bess, or Pizza like Batool, Adam & Jannah?

Here's Honey & Lexi, working hard on Day 1 of Home Learning. 

Take a look at their timetable - could you create something like this for your family? 

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